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Here at Life of a Triathlete we want to teach; that’s our mission; to decrease the time it takes for triathletes to reach their goals. Mindful of our philosophy, we also believe our blog can be used to encourage change (which is a form of teaching) in the sport we love; this is the reason for this current blog entry.

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Guest blog for Life of a Triathlete by Aaron Kessler

The negative fury the word DRAFTING evokes in the triathlon community is quite eye opening which is why I wanted to explore it in greater detail in this guest blog. This is an outside’s perspective coming from a former college athlete who has made his living in the finance world. I understand the passion of sports but can also approach this drafting analysis from a scientific, numbers perspective.

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BALANCE – What does this word mean? Why is it thrown loosely around athletics, especially in the world of triathlon? What must one do to achieve this Zen like state (togetherness of body and mind) and be at peace with family, friends, work, training, and racing?

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For our inaugural blog post, we want to dispel the myth that pro triathletes just train, sleep and race. We are responding to a comment we read posted in response to a Triathlete Magazine photo shoot. They thought it was discouraging to see a pro triathlete running through a park midday when everyone else was working. They then went on to proclaim the magazine should showcase more working people. It got us thinking that there is a misconception floating around as to what pro triathletes actually do during the day (we will dissect this in greater detail in or soon to be released Life of a Triathlete manuals). We do not think the comment came from a malicious place, just one of misinformation and not knowing the triathlete’s ‘daily’ job.

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This blog was created to explore the challenging and sophisticated sport of triathlon where athletes have to successfully compete in three distinct disciplines. The sport can be rewarding (Good), mentally draining (Bad), and physically debilitating (Ugly).

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