The Mission

Develop content triathletes can use for their own self improvement in a sport where quality information in a concise manner is hard to corral and utilize.

The Objective

To provide triathletes with the resources and knowledge to reduce their overall time learning the sport, effectively reducing the time it takes to reach their goals.

Time Savings

It is up to you how you absorb and use the information provided; a missed electrolyte tab here or poorly planned meal there could be the difference between achieving your goals or training six more months for another shot at the gold ring.

The Bottom Line

How many times, during your triathlon journey, have you said to yourself, “Shoot, I wish I would’ve known this bit of information before I got so far along my triathlon path; identifying it would have saved me a lot of time and effort over the years.” As triathletes, we all know this feeling of helplessness trying to figure out how to put together three distinctly separate disciplines into one glorious race. Time ticks away as you spend countless hours trying to discover the magical formula where everything falls in line to produce consistent performance on race day. There is no denying the drive of the triathlete but how you go about reaching your goals can determine if you have a fruitful journey or if it is filled with constant disappointment.

We want to help you in your quest to embrace triathlon racing and avoid the pitfalls that have plagued triathletes since the sports humble beginnings. If we can shave time off your journey to reach your goals, then we have done our job!

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