Balance – What does this word mean? (REV3 Triathlon)

BALANCE – What does this word mean? Why is it thrown loosely around athletics, especially in the world of triathlon? What must one do to achieve this Zen like state (togetherness of body and mind) and be at peace with family, friends, work, training, and racing?

One of the definitions of balance I am drawn to is ‘to compose or arrange so as to create a state of harmony.’ To relate this to triathlon, I would take this one step farther and define balance as ‘to compose or arrange so as to create a state of harmony with family, friends, work, and training.’ Sounds pretty clear and simple, doesn’t it? Yet, as many can attest to, it is not as easy as it seems. Life constantly throws you curve balls and sliders; no one gets pitched straight fast balls consistently so you can time your swing perfectly to hit home runs.

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