Thorsten’s Triathlon Rating

Know your competition.

The four major sports in the United States now employ mathematicians to analyze the multitude of stats to give their players an extra edge to succeed. This has resulted in a whole new dynamic for the sports where meticulous analysis of statistics will help a player and a team gains an advantage no matter how small it is. Why is this not employed and utilized in triathlon?

Thorsten Radde at has become triathlon’s version of baseball’s Bill James. He number crunches times and a multitude of variables to predict the outcomes of upcoming races. Triathletes can go into his immense database and research how their competition has fared on courses, what are their best disciplines, and their times relative to others. The attached report is Trirating’s 2012 free wrap up report. Use it to your advantage and as a learning tool to figure out what the best pros in the world have accomplished on a particular course.

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