Sponsor Promotion Example

The old marketing cliché states, ‘Any press is good press.’ When you enter into a new partnership, make sure you get to know the marketing department and work with them to develop press releases throughout the relationship. This is a win win situation because you want to bring your followers the exposure of working with a new partner and they can expose their large customer base to you.

The first promotional piece is an ad created by Arctic Ease working with professional triathlete Meredith Kessler along with a few professional golfers. This is cross promotion at its finest where individuals who have limited contact with the triathlon world (golfers) are introduced to Meredith Kessler and vice versa. This ad was displayed in many prominent publications and department stores.

The second promotional piece was produced by Rudy Project announcing to the public their new relationship with professional triathletes Meredith Kessler and Hillary Biscay. It is a clean, short marketing ad which relays the message to the public that these two female triathletes, who have logged an enormous amount of races between them, have chosen to work with Rudy Project sunglasses and helmets. Once again, it is quality exposure for both parties involved.

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