Post Race Promotion Example

Strike while the iron is hot. As we describe in the Life of a Triathlete manuals, having a successful race is a tremendous feeling…but the buzz wears off within five days until the next weekends racing takes center stage. It is necessary to try to promote the race and, in turn, promote your brand as soon as possible after a successful day.

The race is not complete once you have crossed the finish line. You have to put on your marketing hat and promote the details of the race in order to maintain the interest in your triumphant day. The attached promotional piece was written by Matt Dixon of purplepatch after Meredith Kessler had a breakthrough performance and won Ironman Canada. The back story behind the victory was compelling and a quick release to the article capitalized on a magnificent race. It also succeeded in introducing Meredith to the tri world for a few more days after the event and continues the buzz on the purplepatch coaching philosophy.

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