Vector450I was introduced to Vector450 at Ironman Arizona in 2014 by the Senior Business Development Associate Trevor Dyck at a RaceQuest Travel event, He explained the benefits of the product, how it aides in recovery and immune health, and how it can help a triathlete. I was sold on the qualities of Vector450 and immediately used it after the race, through Challenge Bahrain, and Ironman Auckland 70.3. What I noticed right away is it helped my ‘swollenness’ after a race, assisted in my recovery, and was instrumental in helping shelter me from the loads of germs around in the US winters and while traveling from event to event.

Vector450 with Muno-IgY contains a single active ingredient, IgY, a protein antibody naturally found in common hen egg yolks. Muno-IgY is the only commercially extracted and highly purified IgY available to consumers. Antibodies are the essential foundation your immune system responsible in keeping it functioning properly and optimally. Muno-IGY begins it process in your digestive system providing a defence against foreign pathogens and invaders and is well known to support the body’s natural process of inflammatory balance. “It stops the inflammation cascade where it starts”

Each batch is tested by NSF for banned substances and meets WADA standards for Sports. IgY is well documented with more than 750 published studies on PubMed. Muno-IGY is being tested to support the body of evidence for the benefits to endurance athletes and the University of North Texas and McMaster University, plus continual performance and recovery evaluations by industry leaders.

Click on the Vector450 banner to learn more about one of the most innovative, immune enhancing, and muscle recovery products on the market today. At checkout, use code MBK2015 to receive $5 off single purchases!

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