TRX TV. Tune In. TRX is a company that continues to grow in the triathlon world as more athletes discover the benefits of functional strength training with their suspension systems and the instructional tools supporting it. They can be used as your sole strength training mechanism or they can be integrated into a circuit routine; either way, it is sometimes the missing piece an athlete needs to achieve their goals in competition.

The beauty of TRX is you can take it anywhere and complete a worthwhile, functional strength workout to fit your training needs. Professional triathlete Meredith Kessler is able to complete her functional strength training on the road racing, at a destination training camp, on vacation, or at home for the holidays. The key is TRX which is easy to pack and allows you to strength train anywhere.

Click on the TRX banner to purchase the system that is right for you and your training needs. TRX is featured in the Life of a Triathlete manuals as an effective and efficient way to maintain and improve your strength training as a triathlete.

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