Recovery Pump

Enter code “KESSLER” at checkout and save!

There is a reason professional triathlete Meredith Kessler has two recovery partner logos on her race kit…you have to recover in order to race again. She has been using the Recovery Pump system since she turned pro four years ago and it is an integral part of her training and recovery routine.

Recovery Pump is featured in Meredith Kessler’s Life of a Triathlete manuals because she uses them five to seven times a week as a recovery tool. She brings them to races, watches TV using them, and sometimes sleeps in them to save her legs for the next training session or race. She has competed in forty-eight full distance Ironman events so she must be doing something right!

Click on the Recovery Pump logo and use the code KESSLER at checkout for savings on your Recovery Pump system purchase. If you are an athlete who loves to race and compete, you must recover safely and quickly or you won’t be able to do race on a consistent basis. Recovery Pump is essential in this process.

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