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The body takes a beating as a triathlete and amateurs and professionals alike are always looking for ways to improve workouts and speed up recovery. There is no magic formula to make these things easier; a steady dose of proper nutrition, hydration, and rest is a must. However, there are tools that can aid in these processes so that your muscles can be in an optimal position to fire during training and racing and so they can snap back to health after maximum exertion.

I discovered AminoSkin in 2014 after conversations with their informative team and was immediately impressed with the performance of their products. Amino acids are proteins necessary to the building of essential body parts like muscles, ligaments and tendons. They also strengthen the immune system and help in metabolic processes. If you enjoy athletics and you workout hard, it may be necessary to supplement these amino acids to aid in their important functions throughout the body. AminoSkin’s topical lotions provide direct absorption from the skin to target specific muscle groups. It will help provide power and endurance in workouts and also assist in regeneration.

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